Teething Troubles

July 26, 2018

Not every child experiences teething problems. The best solution would be to give her something to chew. If the pain becomes unbearable consult a doctor.

Is teething painful for all children?

The symptoms of teething often precede the first tooth by as much as two or three months. These symptoms differ from child to child. For some children, the teething experience can be painful, while for others it can be a breeze.

How can I help my baby get through the ordeal of teething?

Give your baby something to chew on. This eases the pressure on the gums and if it is something cold it provides more relief, e.g. a frozen banana, an ice cube wrapped in a clean cloth, a rubber teething toy. You can also rub your baby’s gums with your finger.  Give her something cold to drink. This will not only relieve the pain but replace the fluids lost through excessive drooling. If the pain is bad, give her some medication after consulting your doctor.


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