Importance of exercises for Children

July 26, 2018

Playing ball, cycle- riding, going up and down stairs, climbing trees, walking, or karate — it all counts as exercise. There’s almost no part of you that doesn’t benefit from exercise: bones, muscles, lungs, brain.

You get the idea. Here’s a look at all the ways exercise helps the children.

Why Is Exercise Good for Children?

  • Lungs and heart: Exercise make your lungs and hearts stronger for increased energy and endurance. That means you can play, walk, or jog longer without feeling tired.
  • Muscles: Exercise strengthens and stretches muscles.
  • Bones: Exercise builds strong bones. That’ll help with everything from how tall you stand to your overall strength.
  • Reflexes and coordination: Exercise helps with reflexes and coordination. That helps you to catch a pop fly on the field or to land a perfect half-axel when figure skating. Remember, practice helps!
  • Staying healthy: Exercise can make it less likely that you’ll get diseases when you grow old. It even boosts your immune system and that may help you avoid getting sick as often.


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