Role of a Preschool Teacher

September 21, 2018

Preschool teachers play an important role in assisting a child to gain success in their first years of school. Preschool teacher lays the foundation for kids to understand what “school” actually is. The preschool teacher has several general responsibilities in their daily teaching job.

The foremost important role of a preschool teacher is to provide a wonderful learning environment for the children, teach them how to interact with others and help them with their daily needs. There are many positive traits every preschool teacher should possess. One such trait is compassion. Since many of children enrolled in preschool are of a young age and new to the school, it is important that the preschool teacher has compassion for the children and treats them in such a manner that they feel safe and cared for. So that they feel the same comfort as given at their homes .This will greatly help to produce a favorable learning and creative environment for the children.

The preschool teacher must also be able to relate information to the children in a way in which they can understand. One who teaches preschool should know how to frame lessons plans that will be entertaining and educational and prepare unique activities for the kids to engage in while they are at preschool. Therefore, it is important that preschool teachers do the best job possible as what they do will reflect in the child’s behavior and knowledge.

A preschool teacher should be an alert individual. Since young children are quite active, it is important that the preschool teacher knows exactly where all the kids are all the time. It is crucial for the teacher to be alert in manner so that she can keep up with the kids.

Along with teaching the children various things, the preschool teacher also monitors their development as it is important to know which children are doing fine and which ones may need a little extra help. This will be done by monitoring progress and making notes of the progress of each child. The preschool teacher is also responsible for meeting parents of the children to discuss the performance and behavior of each and every child.

So, the teachers use a variety of methods to help children grow cognitively, as well as conceptually. A positive relationship with preschool teachers can make an exponential difference in a child’s success as they continue through elementary school.

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