Parent involvement in early childhood education

September 28, 2018

Parents have a crucial part to play to ensure early childhood development in their children. Involved parents can bring a more positive and lasting impact on their children’s learning ability. Children who are properly actuate from birth to age five by their parents tend to perform better than other children in the long run. Parent involvement in early childhood education can help a child to understand concepts done in the classroom relating them to actual activities that happen in the home.

Parents who are involved in their child’s education create a connection between the home and school. Those who participate along with their child are acquainted to the many aspects of their child’s day. At home, they are able to replicate and revise activities that their child experiences in school. An insightful parent will maintain a balance between where the school left off and have an intuitive sense for what their child may need to work on to increase his competency and confidence.

Early childhood education is just the beginning of a child’s educational career. Involving oneself in a classroom setting allows you to get a view into the world of young children. One can discover his strengths, interests and areas that need efforts to be put on. If a child is struggling with certain aspects of his education, it is an ideal time to discuss concerns with a child’s teacher.

Parental involvement encourages a child to build a strong social network that should not be underestimated. Parents of other children of similar age provide solace, sources of information and family connections that can be lifelong. Social connections between children provide security when transitions, such as kindergarten, occur. A child may be more willing to join a group or activity if he has a friend willing to participate. Parents who are involved in their child’s schooling can oil the social cogs for their children by demonstrating friendly openings.

So, a parent’s involvement in their child’s learning play a crucial role in overall development of the child making him more social and adaptable to the ongoing changes in the environment making them future ready.


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