Promotional Activities to increase enrollments

October 05, 2018

As it is the beginning of the new session, so one can host a number of events in which people from locality (0-5 km) are invited, so they can spend quality time with their family and get an idea about your school.

Some events and activities are mentioned below to attract admissions for preschool:

1. Smart school application- This application can be downloaded on mobile phone or computer or laptop for which keys are given by the company. So, if someone places an enquiry for your preschool then this application with a 7 day trial key can be given to prospective parent to give them an idea of `what we offer and why our preschool’? The link has been given below.

2. Word of mouth- Existing parents plays a great role in spreading knowledge about the school in which their child is studying. So make them involve in school activities and updating them on their child’s performance.

3. Bal Mela/Carnival/Fete- Host a mela in your school, arrange 3-4 game stalls for children, 2-3 food stalls by parents whose children are there in school and a cartoon artist will make up a lively mela. A nominal price can be charged by the stall holders for playing games and enjoying food.

4. Art Day- Painting competition, drawing competition, origami competition, best out of waste etc can be conducted free of cost or charging a nominal amount for which small gifts can be given to best performers.

5. Demo classes can be conducted for kids for 2-3 days and the activities conducted therein and how the kids spent the day can be shared with the parents.

6. Summer camps are the best way to invite admission in which parents can also be involved by doing fun activities with their kids.

7. Mom and kids programme can be conducted for toddlers which will boost enrollments.

8. A show can be organized in which various events can be clubbed as per age of the child like: Age group (18 months – 2 years) – Ramp walk with moms Age group (2years- 3 years) – Fancy dress competition Age group (3years- 4years) – Show and tell The best performers in all age groups should be given prizes.

9. Early admission discounts- The preschool should come up with schemes to be offered to parents to attract admission by giving discounts on admission fees or giving some additional facility.

10. A door to door survey can be conducted to know kids aged 2-4 years in nearby localities and inviting their parents to give a visit to the school.

11. Existing parents feedback, review, appreciation notes should be posted on facebook , so it is visible to everyone visiting the site.
For further assistance, Kindly contact on Education Helpline 9911444632

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